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The Government is proposing to raise what is known as 'the small claims limit' for anyone who has been injured in
a collision on the road. Currently £1000, they want to raise this to £5000 which they say will tackle the high number
of fraudulent whiplash claims.

We think this is a big mistake.

This will affect everyone in England and Wales, whether they've had a whiplash injury or not. Particulary
affected are Vulnerable Road Users who don’t actually suffer whiplash injuries themselves, but will be
subject to the same laws as those who do.

Horse Riders




how much can you afford to lose?

Watch the animation we produced ahead of the Second Reading of the Government’s Civil Liability Bill in the House of Commons to find out how this could affect you and why we think ministers risk getting it wrong.

what can you do?

If you feel strongly about your legal rights and the legal rights of your family then please contact your MP to
oppose the increase in the 'Small Claims Limit' for vulnerable road users or help spread the word.

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Time for action

Contact your local MP to oppose the change to small claims
by simply filling out the form below.

You may be aware that the Civil Liability Bill is part of the government’s personal injury reform programme, intended to reduce the incidence of fraudulent whiplash claims.

At the Second Reading of the Bill on 4 September 2018, ministers announced their intention to remove vulnerable road users (VRUs) such as motorcyclists, horse riders, pedestrians and cyclists from the scope of their reforms.

While overdue, this was a welcome move as VRUs do not make the type of whiplash-related injury claims the Bill intends to reduce and should not lose their rights because of the actions of a small minority of motorists.

However, ministers have yet to provide any detail on how they will exclude these types of vulnerable road users from their plans, for example whether this will be achieved through primary legislation or statutory instrument.

I therefore request that you write to ministers asking for clarity on this important issue and for assurances that their welcome promises translate into concrete plans at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you for your support.